A Late Introduction

12 May

I’m going to be a bit backwards and explain now, in what’s not my first post, why I chose to name this blog The Savannah Spirit. It’s basically a reminder to me to live my life in a better way–more open, more vital, more in tune with nature and the nurturing spiritual center I have pursued over the course of the past five years or so.

The savannah, to me, is an open place where animals thrive and flourish, where space is plentiful and there is generally provision for all of the creatures. This isn’t a place without danger, as death of animals to feed others is a necessary way of life in this environment, but somehow or other, a natural balance has been created and remains.

This idea appeals to me because I have lived a mentally claustrophobic life, with my thinking proscribed to a very narrow area of black and white thinking–about the world, but also about myself. I let others shape who I thought I was, without questioning it or their motives. Living in this narrow bandwidth of mind had made me unnecessarily fearful, guarded and cautious. I have since realized that my life can be bigger and more expansive than I ever dreamed. And it can have a tendency toward balance, even when I’m not restricting my interaction with all it has to offer.

When I approach the world with a filter of love rather than fear, the world becomes a much bigger place, with more promise and opportunity. For me, the perspective I’ve gained comes from Christian faith and deliberately pursuing a closer relationship with God, many attempts to shift the course of my thoughts, and now, seizing opportunities to try new things requiring new ways of thinking. The things I will discuss here will be grounded in that perspective, but will be shared with an underlying spirit of love and understanding (and probably lots of pop culture references, as with my first post, featuring the BBC Sherlock series). It’s the only way I know how to reach out with my stories and thoughts, as I’m sure I’ve suffered at the hand of my own thoughts in ways that many people have, and because I have begged for and benefited from the same kind of love and understanding in my development.

I thank you for stopping by, in this space where I will give myself a good heaping dose of blogging catharsis on issues that I think universally weigh on people’s hearts. I am nowhere near having everything figured out (I guess no one ever figures everything out anyway, though, right?), but I have the tenacity to keep trying. And I will share what I think so we can learn together.


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